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Infinite Clothing is a sustainable line of apparel designed for the gym or your active day.

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Latest Sustainability & Workforce News

  • Cheap Wind

    Cheap Wind0

    Siblings Arun and Anoop George, have developed a wind turbine with an initial cost of less than $750 in order to bring electricity to remote villages of India.

  • Teen Girl Quenches Crops’ Thirst

    Teen Girl Quenches Crops’ Thirst0

    At just 16, Kiara Nirghin has won the Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award for the Middle East and Africa with her project, “No More Thirsty Crops,” a viable solution to the country’s ongoing drought.

Latest All-Star Team & Events

  • All-Star Event: Infinite Clothing Sponsors 2016 Bag the Bullies

    All-Star Event: Infinite Clothing Sponsors 2016 Bag the Bullies0

    PROJECT: NO BULL is an in-school, anti-bullying program featuring personal appearances by Jarrett Payton. The program includes strong messaging and influential projects to create a lasting impact designed to ensure and maintain safe environments for youth. Through PROJECT: NO BULL, all forms of bullying are addressed, including cyber bullying. Drawing from the latest research, the


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