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Upcycled Products

It's Our Passion

We believe something once considered to be a niche can be transformed into a global standard.

Infinite Clothing is a line of sustainable apparel providing athletes with performance wear and non-athletes with athleisure wear engineered responsibly using upcycled materials and employing entirely an American workforce.

Upcycled Performance Wear

We work hard and smart to provide athletes with apparel unique in style and superior in functionality. Our upcycled performance wear is engineered to achieve ultimate durability and long-term performance. This reduces overconsumption of goods, which leads to money savings.

Committed to Our Environment

We are a highly ethical performance brand committed to the revitalization of the American labor force, preservation of our environment and the overall wellness of the human body.

Care for the Environment

Infinite Clothing is not only made in the USA, but it is done so using only upcycled fabrics, which reduces the environmental impact during manufacturing. You can feel good sporting Infinite Clothing fashionable apparel, and proud you are supporting the economy and our planet.

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