Infinite Clothing is a line of sustainable apparel providing athletes with performance wear and non-athletes with athleisure wear engineered responsibly from upcycled materials by an entirely an American workforce. Below is a short list of the most-often asked questions about our products. If you have additional questions, please use Infinite Clothing’s contact form and we will respond promptly.

If the material is made of upcycled plastics, does it breath?

Yes. In fact, it breathes incredibly well. Lightweight fabrics, such as ours, that do not hold onto water are naturally a highly breathable fabric. We create our fabrics with inherent moisture-wicking features to ensure they don’t retain water or sweat.

Can I wash Infinite Clothing's performance & athleisure wear in my home washer?

Yes, it can be washed; but due to the antimicrobial treatment, it’s not necessary to wash your garments each time you wear them. The fabrics also have built in wicking to prevent sweat and unwanted moisture from being absorbed by the fabric. To further contribute to sustainability, we suggest you lay the garment on a flat surface and allow superficial water or sweat to evaporate. When you do find it necessary to wash your garments, use cold water and tumble dry with medium heat.

How did Infinite Clothing come up with this technology. Is it safe?

The technology behind upcycled plastics is by no means new—it was first developed about 20 years ago. Other brands have been using PET fleece since the early 2000s. What’s new is the use of PET in performance apparel because it is an expensive process until now avoided by the fashion industry.

How much a difference does using PET for yarn make versus using conventional polyester?

The difference is substantial. Polyester is derived from crude oil, which isn’t good for your body because when you work out, your pores are open and flush against material. Unfortunately, the performance-wear industry is very dependent upon these polyesters, so you have to seek out brands such as Infinite Clothing that use fabrics more friendly to your body, and to the earth.

How is Infinite Clothing's apparel better for the environment?

One pound of Infinite Clothing’s recycled yarns saves roughly a half gallon of gasoline during production, along with 60% less water when compared to cotton. PET provides roughly 80% energy savings.

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