Pro Athletes and Entrepreneurs With a Passion for Sustainability

Infinite Clothing is led by a team of former ball players with a passion for America. Glenn, Scott, Jim, Chris, and Kevin came together to create a company that would embrace and further their commitment to both the protection of the earth on which America sits, and the workforce that makes our country so great. After eight long years of building the business, the team added a marketing division and Cyndie joined the men to further their efforts. Here are the stories behind this stellar team.

Glenn Earl, founder and former NFL safety image

Glenn Earl

Founder and Former NFL Safety

Glenn Earl grew up in Lisle, Illinois, where he attended high school. He played college football at Notre Dame, and in 2004 became a safety with the Houston Texans, where he played for four years. During this time, Earl, along with two other current NFL players, launched Morph & Thro in order to develop a line of sustainable, high-performance athletic wear. Earl focused on defining the brand and the line as he recovered from a foot injury that kept him on the sidelines for two years. In 2009, Earl signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears, but by July Earl made the decision to retire from major league football and work full-time to develop the still fledgling company. It is Glenn’s concern for the environment that sets the directions for the products and fabrics of the entire line.

Scott Hairston, partner image

Scott Hairston

Partner, CEO, and MLB Outfielder

Scott Hairston is a professional baseball player—from a family of ballplayers—who has played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals. Hairston attended high school near Tucson, Arizona, and attended and played baseball at Central Arizona College before advancing to the majors. Hairston and Earl were childhood friends and after the departure of the initial founding partners, Hairston joined Morph & Thro in 2011 as CEO. Hairston’s like concern for the environment and long-standing relationship with Earl lured him from the diamond to the corporate world.

Jim Molinaro, partner image

Jim Molinaro

Partner, Advisor, and Former NFL Offensive Tackle

James Molinaro is a retired American football offensive tackle, who played college football at the University of Notre Dame alongside Glenn Earl. Molinaro attended high school in Pennsylvania and was one of five finalists for their Lineman of the Year Award. Molinaro was recruited by the University of Notre Dame before being drafted by the Washington Redskins in 2004; where he played until joining the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. After retiring, Molinaro joined the Morph & Thro leadership team in 2009 as a partner and advisor.

Cyndie Shaffstall, Partner and EVP of Marketing image

Cyndie Shaffstall

Partner, EVP of Marketing, Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author

Cyndie Shaffstall split her childhood between Arizona and Colorado, but most of her career has been at the helm of a succession of Denver marketing, publishing, and software-distribution companies. Shaffstall penned her first nonfiction business title in 1992, and became a best-selling author with her fiction series in 2015, after which she joined Morph & Thro’s leadership team. Having spent the better part of the last four decades as business owner, inventor, public speaker, author, editor, and publisher, Shaffstall has accumulated a depth of knowledge in operations, marketing, and distribution she is keen to apply in her latest endeavor.

Chris Brown, partner image

Chris Brown

Partner and Former NFL Running Back

Christopher Brown was initially drafted by the Tennessee Titans after playing college football at Colorado. He was named Prep Football Report and Super Prep All-American, first-team All-State, and Daily Herald first-team All-Area as senior at Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois,  where he played with former Houston Texans defensive back, Glenn Earl. Drafted by the Titans in 2003, he signed with the Houston Texans in 2008, and retired from football in 2009; the same year he joined Morph & Thro as a partner.

Kevin Walter, partner image

Kevin Walter

Partner and Former NFL Wide Receiver

Kevin Walter was drafted by the New York Giants in 2003 after playing college football at Eastern Michigan. Walter grew up in Vernon Hills, Illinois, where he earned first-team all-state honors, and was selected first-team all-area, all-conference and All-Lake County. At Eastern Michigan University, Walter set school records and earned first-team All-MAC honors. In 2003, Walter was drafted by the New York Giants, but signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2006, Walter joined the Texans until his release in 2013 when he signed with the Tennessee Titans. He is married to wife Caroline, and has a daughter and two sons. Walter joined Morph & Thro as partner in 2009.

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