Cheap Wind

Siblings Arun and Anoop George, have developed a wind turbine with an initial cost of less than $750 in order to bring electricity to remote villages of India.

Avant Garde Innovations, an Indian start-up, has developed a low-cost wind turbine able to generate 3-5 kW hours of electricity daily—especially important when you consider many parts of India have no electricity to homes. The company, founded by siblings Arun and Anoop George from Kerala, has designed a low-cost wind to generate enough electricity to power an entire house for a lifetime. No larger than ceiling fan, the turbine costs approximately $750 to build, but this is a one-time fee. The company’s first product to market is (according to their website) a highly affordable, small, wind turbine suitable for residential, commercial, agricultural, village electrification, and other uses. A predicted market launch is set for 2016.

India consumes 3.4% of global energy consumption, so the market potential is beyond huge, especially given India’s federal governments and central government are unable to bear the huge infrastructural cost it would take to bring electricity to remote villages. Avant Garde believes their products solves this problem and is confident costs will decrease further once mass production begins.


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