Eco-Cooler Provides Air Conditioning from Recycled Products

The Eco-Cooler is made entirely from reclaimed wood and recycled bottles.

Using sustainable waste products and no electricity, Eco-Coolers are making their way across the country of its origin: Bangladesh.

Using sustainable waste products and no electricity, Eco-Coolers are making their way across the country of its origin: Bangladesh, where 70% or residents live in tin huts without power. A DIY project, the cooler is made from a piece of board cut to the size of a window. The bottoms are cut off plastic bottles and holes big enough to push through the bottles’ necks are drilled to fill the board. The bottles are secured in the holes with the cap. Hang the contraption on the window and temperatures inside will begin to drop.

The principle behind the design is the same as blowing air out of your mouth. Test it yourself: hold your hand up to your mouth, open wide, and breathe out—it’s warm air. Repeat the process with your mouth closed to typical a blowing position, and you’ll find the air leaving your body is cooler. The Eco-Cooler works in the same way: warm air enters the larger end and the change in pressure as it passes through the neck pushes cooler air into the house.


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