Is Your Next House a Wikkelhouse?

Is Your Next House a Wikkelhouse?
A completely customizable home; both modular and sustainable.

This new sustainable house is modular, easy to transport, and can be customized to meet your design specifications and amenity needs.

Designed and developed by Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers in Amsterdam, Wikkelhouse is a sustainable house made of cardboard segments. Though made of unconventional materials, the home is built to last and suit all your needs. This custom-build approach ensures you get exactly the home design you need in order to meet your needs of your living space. Though no foundation is needed, it is sturdy and wind resistant. You can choose from a selection of finishings, but each house can be window-laden by choosing segments of that type. This ensure you will have a bright, airy environment, buy if the finishings aren’t your idea of the perfect dream home, select your own color scheme.

For those who want to use the house for family living, the new homeowner would add a Home segment to their design specifications. This type of segment holds domestic installations, including a kitchen, shower, and bathroom, but even a chimney can be added for an internal heating stove.

Since it is a modular concept, the price for construction is based upon the number an type of segments selected. As an example, an airframe Wikkelhouse starts at EUR 25,000 and this includes three segments, but excludes transport (easy to move) and placement on your property. In the image above and illustration below, you can see the delineation between the segments.

Wikkelhouse can grow with you, but if at some point you choose to sell your house, it can be customized to meet the new owner’s needs as well.

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Wikkelhouse segment illustration image
Wikkelhouse a house of cardboard image

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