Sitting on PaperBricks

Sitting on PaperBricks

WooJai Lee, a designer in The Netherlands, has come up with a use for newspaper pulp—a new line of furniture.


Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, WooJai Lee has designed what he calls PaperBricks. Unlike other recycled products, paper can only be recycled so many times (usually twice), because the fibers continue to break down and become smaller and smaller—making them unusable for further use. Lee has developed a use for this newspaper pulp by mixing it with glue to form interlocking bricks—which are every bit as sturdy as concrete bricks. Dried bricks have a marbled look and soft, textile-like texture you would expect from a paper product. Working with the design of the bricks, Lee has also created the PaperBricks Pallet series of furniture (bench and two coffee table styles)


For more information about PaperBricks, visit WooJai Lee’s website.


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